B.A. Photo


Billie Ann Tejada

While growing up in Kentucky I spent a lot of time taking photos with an old 35mm film camera. Every time we got to go to my grandmother’s house she would break out all the photo albums and we would go through them, talking about each person, pet or place we came across. Even though I dreaded it at the time she would hr break out her camera load it with new film and take pictures of all of us. I am so glad she did that and I love those pictures today. Those pictures bring back so many memories of family time.

With eight brothers and sisters, yeah that’s right there were nine of us, an actual full family photo is rare. One year we around 1993 we pulled everyone together and headed to a department store studio. The photographer was overwhelmed to have all of us, spouses, and some of my nieces and nephews in that studio. The portrait we got was FAR from perfect but I will always love it.

After 20 years of military service, I am ready to pursue my passion for photography. Let me take those moments in your life and turn them into the stories you cherish forever. Photography has always held a place in my heart now I cant wait to share it with you.